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How does Come Back Home work?

Add an unintrusive banner with photos of missing people to your site's 404 error pages
in the off-chance that someone who visits your site might recognize them.

A global search for the missing

A staggering number of people go missing every year. In the United States alone, a child goes missing every 40 seconds. While immediate media attention sometimes helps find the missing, a large number of these cases continue to remain unsolved.

Come Back Home integrates with multiple missing persons databases including the NCMEC, Interpol and NAMUS, and has more than 5,000 records of missing people from across the world.

What are 404 pages?

When a user of your site navigates to a page that does not exist, either because they mistyped a URL or because they followed a dead link, your server responds with a special error:
HTTP 404 - Page not found.

These error pages, commonly called 404 pages, offer no content to your site's visitors, apart from posting a notice of error.

(Screenshot: Sample 404 page)

A single line of code

Simply including one line of code will enable an unintrusive banner at the bottom of your site's 404 error page. When visitors click on the banner, they will be shown photographs of missing people from their geographical region.

Results are tailored to your visitor's location to improve the chances of a sighting.

We hope that this will lead someone to recognize one of the missing people, and help bring them back home.

Click here for an example of what a 404 page with the banner will look like.

Open sourced and customizable

The code for the plugin is open-sourced and available on Github.

To make the plugin easy to integrate with your site, it is built to be easily customizable. With only a few lines of code, you can theme the plugin to follow the design principles of your site.

Additionally, all assests served by the plugin, including all the photographs, are hosted by us. This means that the plugin adds absolutely no load on your servers.

What do I need to add to my 404 page?

Simply add one line of code:

<script src="//"></script>

Or see an example at,, or

3 Simple Ways to Help


We want the entire internet to help in the search for these missing people. Integrate this plugin into your website and your friends' websites. Champion your employer to integrate it too.


Help spread the word about this initiative so that your friends can take action too. You can find us on Facebook and on Twitter.


Our code is open-sourced, and we'd love your help in making this better. We are looking for more databases of missing people to integrate with.

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